Anyone can take a photograph. It takes a professional to bring it to life. Ikon Photography is a team of award-winning commercial photographers that works with companies to sell products, services and lifestyles. Whether it’s still or moving images, we know how to connect with an audience, tell a story and get results.

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Commercial Photography services

Our professional photographers have years of experience delivering quality commercial photography to all sectors of commerce and industry, from Room set photography to Industrial photography and many sectors in between, we deliver time and time again.

The best commercial photography doesn’t just sell a product; it tells a story.

Most of our clients come to us because they have something to sell, but they want more than just an average photograph. Whether it’s a new line of cosmetics, interior design products or a luxury sofa collection, connecting with customers relies on more than just getting an image in focus.

At Ikon Photography, we don’t just take pictures, we get to know your business, products and target audience until we feel confident we can answer the brief fully and effectively. Everything is carefully considered – from the right props and styling to the perfect lighting – we help you achieve the look, mood or environment that sets the right tone for your brand.

With years of experience in the Commercial photography space, we have the experience to help you create a brief, and even source the right team from casting to styling, we’ve worked with the best teams, for the best agencies, and can give you the best photography to grow your brand and stand out.

Whatever your art direction needs, big or small, we can create it.

Our 4,000 sq. foot studio, conveniently located just off the M60, is the ideal base for everything from room sets to pack shots. But we’re just as happy working on location, anywhere in the world.

Our photographers will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure the finished photography not only meets your expectations; but also timescales and budgets – having our own studio means we can pass on those savings to you.

Talk to us today and find out how we can help you market your business through engaging, creative photography.

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