Marketing has come a long way in recent years and the ways businesses promote their products or services have had to adapt or risk being left behind. Brands seeking to promote what they do have to pay close attention to how their audience behaves and any business paying attention will already know that video content is by far the most widely consumed and cost effective marketing medium, so commercial video production should be given the highest priority in any marketing budget along with accompanying commercial photography.


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Commercial Video Production and Commercial Photography in Your Business Marketing

While a commercial video production should be at the top of any modern business’s list when it comes to prioritising a marketing budget, video shouldn’t be the only thing on the list and in this multi channel world, marketing budgets can be spread thinly when it comes to video, photography, marketing copy, social media and printed media too. Your business message is likely to spread across multiple channels and in multiple ways, but rather than creating suitable materials separately, it makes far more sense to plan and to create all of it at the same time as part of a single photoshoot. Capturing your marketing photography using the same sets, models and props as your commercial video production and doing so at the same time massively reduces the overall cost of your marketing and makes the absolute best use of your time and budget.

Planning where your photography and video will appear, allows, for example, a particular shot or scene to be captured in such a ways as it can be used in multiple channels and formats, once again making efficient use of resources as well as giving all your marketing materials a uniform feel – something that’s likely to be essential for business branding.


Broadcast Quality Commercial Video Production For your Business

Cost Effective Commercial Video Production

Whether you need commercial photography or commercial video production to promote your business (and it’s usually far more cost effective to do them both together as part of the same shoot), you’ll be aware that they’re an investment rather than an expense, because you’ll see a return for every Pound, Dollar or Euro you spend. However, budget is still likely to be a factor in your decision, so it’s essential that the process of commercial video production, from brief to delivery is as efficient as possible in order to keep costs to a minimum and maximise the ROI.

At Ikon photography, we have decades of experience delivering expertly captured commercial photography and video to suit a hug variety of clients in a wide array of business sectors. in that time, we’ve built up the contacts, the expertise and the experience to provide exactly what you need, exactly when you need it and nothing you don’t, so while we can create a broadcast quality commercial video production to suit your needs, we can do it for less than you’d expect, through expertise and efficiency, rather than cutting corners.

Contact us to discuss your needs and let us help you market your business with exceptional and engaging commercial photography and video.