One of the most common questions people ask is how much does a video cost, but there are a lot of factors to consider so it isn’t a simple answer. There are a number of questions your video production team will want to know to effectively quote your video project.

What is your Video Brief?

Depending on your brief a video solution could be anything from a short digital video to a long high-end production with actors and different locations. You come to us with an idea and we can help with the storyboarding and cinematography for the end result.

Your brief should include what your end goal is, what are you trying to achieve from the video, where will the video be published? Will it be a TV advert or a YouTube series, this information will affect the story and video production quite significantly.

Understanding your goal, such as brand awareness, brand sentiment, product launch, selling a service, also will change the pace of the video and should be considered when planning and costing up the video project.

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How long does Video take to film and edit?

Most videos will need at least a day for filming and for every day of filming you need to allow up to 2 days of editing, for an experienced editor they will quote this upfront or account for this in their project costs, of course, the level of editing and inclusion of elements such as visual effects and animations may push this editing cost up.

If you are filming a series or a combination of videos you can plan this out effectively and understand how many days are needed for the full project. Storyboarding scenes and having a clear view for how the end video will work is essential for working out how long you will need to film, you will also benefit from a buffer on this time to allow for any additional filming or unexpected events, having to reshoot is much harder to fit in with consistency so allowing for things to take longer is common.

Who do you need for  video production

Depending on the project you may need an experienced lighting crew and additional team members, most video is filmed from various angles and includes B roll footage so having additional videographers onset will also need to be taken into consideration of the project cost.

Once you have agreed videography and editing cost you also need to look at whether you need to hire actors, locations or venues, we can work on location but with our own studio, we can also build a bespoke set to give you exactly what you need. We have worked with clients to help cast the models and actors so you can choose the perfect star for your video if needed.

Video costs are not a simple thing to work out but often if you have a set budget in mind, we can help develop a solution and storyboard that will work within that budget.

When hiring models and actors we also advise to get additional photography as this can make the project more cost-effective and enabling you to capture images as well as a film that can be used for the length of a campaign or a season.