Marketing professionals don’t have an easy job. Done well, marketing brings in far more in revenue that it costs, the more money is put in now, the more will be earned later, but even with that in mind, there’s always a budget to work within, simply because the money a business has ‘now’ is always finite. Because of this, a clever marketer needs to know how to achieve more with less and how to get the best ROI from your marketing budget. In almost all cases, the smart money is invested in commercial photography and video, which time and time again, especially for video, can be seen to outperform any other type of marketing content.


The Multifaceted Nature of Modern Content Marketing

Modern marketing is a multi-faceted animal. Traditional advertising, whether that be on billboards, leaflets, newspapers or in magazines all allow a business to put their product or service in from of their consumer. In the past few decades, the internet has opened up new ways to put a marketing messages in from of an audience and to even use advanced targeting techniques to specify the types of people who should see them. TV advertising has long been seen as the gold standard of advertising, although, just like regular print media, video advertising online is more versatile and effective.

Whichever form or forms advertising and marketing takes they all have one thing in common, the messages, however delivered, need to be interesting enough to compel those exposed to them to notice the ad and to receive the intended message, ultimately resulting in a sale either straight away or further down the line. But in order to deliver any kind of message, ad’s need to command attention and as human beings are primarily visual creatures, the best way to do this is with compelling visuals.


Commercial Photography and Video - Get the Best ROI from your Marketing Budget

How can I get the best ROI with Commercial Photography and Video?

That first impression is the most important. We’re surrounded by adverting each and every day and as consumers, we’re all very good at simply ignoring anything that doesn’t catch our attention. An ad so ordinary that it fails to be noticed by those who see it, won’t get chance to transmit its message, no matter how attractive the product or service being marketed.

It’s essential therefore that the advertising material is immediately engaging so that it attracts and retains the attention of it’s audience. The best way to achieve this is with compelling visual content, which is always far more effective than the written word alone.

Commercial photography and commercial video are specifically commissioned and  created for the purpose of attracting consumers to marketing messages. Great photography may or not be of interest to the passing browser, but commercial photography is created specifically to maximise the chance that it will catch the eye of the curious. If you’re commissioning photography or video for your marketing campaign, the way to get the best ROI for your marketing budget is to invest it in the commercial photography and video created by experienced commercial photographers who have a track record of creating content which gets results.


At Ikon Photography, we have decades of expereince working with businesses and brands both large and small. We know the importance of branding and of the need to work within a budget as well as how to shoot compelling commercial photography and video which gets results. Contact us to find out how we can help your get the best ROI from your marketing budget.