Art Directors

How Ikon can support Art Directors.

Our extensive involvement in numerous projects working with art directors as part of in-house teams or with advertising agencies means Ikon’s photographers are ideally placed to help clients develop ideas and deliver outstanding results with any creative brief. 

Ikon Photography – a different perspective.

At Ikon Photography one of the phrases we often use is, “We make your vision a reality”.

With more than 20 years’ experience to draw upon we can offer art directors valuable input at an early stage as you formulate your product branding or advertising campaign.

Effective visual communication does not happen by chance. Our art directors can suggest ways in which creative professional photography. We can deliver key messages and suggestions to the target audience or purchaser.

If you are developing a concept we can help to take it to the next level. So why not get in touch to discuss your ideas? Give us a call or visit our photography studio in Manchester.

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    PR & Creative Professionals

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    Content Managers

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