Gola – Blogger

Client Name
Marketing Sector
Website, Blogging & Advertising
Key Aim
Fashion shoot of Gola Blogger Jonathan Daniel Pryce

We were asked by Gola to create a blogger video for the “Which Gola are you” campaign. This was to supplement the advert that we had shot during the summer. The blogger video was to endorse the Britishness of the brand and to aid with the styling of the shoe’s with certain looks.

Our team had the challenge of working around some great locations in London which are always busy places at the best of times.  But the only day the blogger could work was on one of the rainiest days in London. All the location were outdoors and needed sound in order to capture the bloggers message.

For the team this was an incredibly difficult production as there really wasn’t a plan B option. So we had to ad lib and utilize all our experience in order to produce an interesting and yet still stylish video.

The rain and styling encouraged us to work to a monochromatic feel and we worked with this with the grade with our in-house editing team.

Our client was amazed that we could produce anything at all from that particular day with all the elements against us. But they were extremely happy with the outcome.

So take a look at the “Which Gola are you”?