Neville Johnson Staircases

Marketing Sector
Staircase Renovations

Following our successful TV commercial for Neville Johnson, many new ranges and finishes were developed for the company’s expanding staircase renovation business which we had the pleasure in doing the location photography for.

Sometimes, when products are new, we are required to build a room set in our photography studio. We then fit and photograph the latest stair finishes for sales staff and designers to show prospective customers and our aspirational images help them to visualise how the staircases could look in their own homes.

Once the products are in the marketplace it can be cost effective, saving on set building costs, to photograph a real client installation on location. The location photography shoot can often be completed in a day for quick turnaround and placement of images in the press.

The same type of product can also be shown in various layouts to convey, to a customer, the various options available.

Our TV commercial and location photography have played a key part in the growth of the staircase market for our client, who are now the biggest supplier in this sector.

Being on location means things are often out of your control. Weather conditions, natural light, awkward spaces – all of these things could present a problem if not in expert hands. That’s where we come in