Client Name
Marketing Sector
Brochure &Website
Key Aim
Fashion shoot of new seasons range in Paris

The Ravel brand was first introduced in 1965 as a very much on trend shoe, that  model’s like Twiggy and Lulu advertised with their Iconic looks and images.

Our brief was to try to capture some of that feel in one of the capitals of fashion so we shot the range in Paris… We were shooting for Autumn/Winter 2016. Our client required us to provide a wide variety of images in multiple locations around city giving Ravel that Iconic feel.


The production for the team was an extremely tight one with restricted hours of daylight on the outdoor locations and getting around a very busy city like Paris. We also had restricted timings with our indoor locations where we were shoting at some extremely cool and trendy places like Maison Blanc roof terrace and Pont de bir-hakeim bridge… We also had incredibly bad weather during our shoot so had to ad lib on several of the locations.  The team is never fazed by working through adverse weather… Being based in Manchester has given us plenty of practice on that score…. When I look back at this shoot I think it is one that we should be most proud of… That we were still able to create and deliver some incredible images. We had an even more pressing dilemma during the shoot as we had to produce 3 video I-dents to help launch the range and so we had to produce quickly in between and during the torrential rain.



Despite all the elements being against us we were still able to create some beautiful stylish photography and video that was able to capture the wow factor of the new autumn/winter range… Parisian Style…