Tom Howley – Showrooms

Client Name
Tom Howley
Marketing Sector
Kitchen manufacturer
Advertising and marketing photography
Key Aim
Showroom Photography

When we were introduced to our client Tom Howley kitchens there was a requirement to relaunch the brand with a refreshed look. A new brand identity had been developed and a campaign had been planned. There was a variety of existing pictures available but they varied in look and feel which is where we stepped in with our interior photography.

Working with the marketing department, the decision was made to photograph the existing designs in the showroom with a new clean contemporary style.

While always a compromise, showroom photography was the obvious place to start.

Because everything is already existing, there is no need for CGI (computer generated images) and the pitfalls therein. Turnaround is quick and the cost is relatively modest for the number of uses. Some photographic retouching has been required as what lays beyond a showroom window is not complimentary to the shot, we are happy to help with that also.



Since that point, the brand has grown year on year and opened many showrooms which we have photographed. Their new website has been launched and their work regularly features in the press and interiors magazines.

A natural development has been to ask new customers if we could photograph their new kitchen upon completion. With Interior photography, this all comes as part of the job, and there have been many happy customers who we have featured in this way.