PR & Creative Professionals

How we can support PR & Creative Professionals at IKON

Ikon Photography specialises in creating engaging visual content for public relations, advertising and marketing. Because of this, our creative professionals can come up with concepts, ideas and solutions to add value to brands and companies we work with.

Professional content creation is something which sets brands apart. Our creative professionals can create stunning visual content. This has helped our clients to raise brand profiles and increase awareness.

PR & Creative Professionals

As a PR professional the pressure is always on to maintain a client presence within the marketplace. This is where our creative professionals can help. People can tell the difference between a quick iPhone picture sent through social channels and an image which has been created professional because it’s been created with PR, advertising and marketing in mind. A professionally created picture can be used effectively for magazine adverts, brochures, websites, PR and on social media. This helps to enhance a product’s value and appeal. We will work with you as creative professionals to achieve maximum results.

We have worked with many of the country’s leading PR agencies and our clients to build brand awareness and because of this, our images have contributed enormously to their success.

If you represent a brand who feels PR is key to their marketing then contact us. We are happy to advise how we can create the images which will work for you.

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