Location Photography

Being on location means things are often out of your control. Weather conditions, natural light, awkward spaces – all of these things could present a problem if not in expert hands. That’s where we come in.

Ikon photographers have worked on location all over the UK, Europe and worldwide. We’ve worked on projects for clients in the advertising, editorial, marketing, industrial, and home interest sectors. We believe location photography, when it’s done right, is much more realistic and cost-effective than using CGI. With our specialist photographers, anything is impossible.

When location photography is done right, it’s much more realistic and cost-effective than using CGI. We know that with our specialist photographers, anything is impossible.

We’re used to operating in challenging environments, so we’re ready to tackle any issues that stand in the way of the perfect shot. From capturing designer textiles in the best light to walking over hot coals (literally!) to shoot a blast furnace, we can meet your brief.

Sourcing the best locations for your photography

Business, factories, houses, exteriors. We can source the most amazing locations, either ourselves or through our longstanding partnerships with location agencies and renowned stylists.

Our accomplished photographers have in-depth experience of planning and managing large-scale projects. Whether it’s finding unique spaces that meet health and safety requirements or the logistics of getting equipment from A to B, you can rely on us to deliver a seamless project every time.

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