People Photography

Nothing sells a product or service better than showing how someone might use it. People are a great tool to put brands into context or illustrate complex processes. People photography takes experience to ensure your subject comes across naturally and not staged.

We’ve been photographing people for advertising and marketing purposes for over 20 years. Which means we’ve built great relationships with production facilities that can find models with the right style, looks, age and enthusiasm to reflect your business.

Working together with hair and make-up artists, we can help you achieve the perfect image, either in our own photographic studio in Manchester or on location anywhere in the world.

Natural people photography for any industry

Being a good people person makes it easier to get the best out of your subject. Whether you want to capture a welder hard at work for a corporate brochure or a TV personality in an ad campaign, we know how to put people at ease to create the perfect shot.

Our experience covers everything from PR photography to lifestyle shoots and we can run the whole process, from model selection to make-up. So get in touch and let us put the personality into your people photography.

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