Room Set Photography

The best bespoke room set photography doesn’t look like a room set, and we like to think your customers will never know the difference between our shots and real life.

We’ve turned our studio space into realistic room environments for a wide range of clients in the home interiors and textiles market. And as their potential customers covet that beautiful home or luxury kitchen, we’re the only ones that know the truth.

With a large, blank canvas to work with, our photographers can literally recreate any environment. The sheer height of our studio means we can even build on two floors, giving the illusion of space and grandeur, with any type of architectural features you like.

Room set photography, creating illusions from the ground up

We’re as confident constructing something from scratch as we are selecting the perfect props to make a room look lived in. Whether you want to create your own scene or just add the finishing touches to one of ours, we can design any room set to help you sell products off the page or online.

All room sets can be photographed or filmed to show off the finer details of your products, from furniture and textiles to interiors and home accessories. Elegant. Traditional. Cosy. Minimalist. With the right backgrounds and lighting, we can tell your story without having to change location.

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