Client Name
Marketing Sector
Textile manufacturer
PR, Blogging, Social Media, Content Creation, Website
Key Aim
Photography for social media campaign featuring guest bloggers.

Agency – Bandstand and Garage Design and marketing

Our brief was to undertake a social media photography shoot for a Cotton USA campaign.

Content creation for social media is and increasing requirement for all our clients, and Christy had invited collaboration with prominent bloggers whose style is in keeping with the company’s brand.


The towelling ranges had been selected by the bloggers and then one of our favourite photographic stylists was brought in to help develop the concept and assist in selecting locations.


Putting together the right team is essential to every project, and a top stylist is integral to this type of assignment. Using someone with experience to help suggest locations, select suitable props and help art direct the shoot is invaluable.

Location Photography


When we arrived at the location it quickly became apparent that, within only a short time, the lighting would be ideal for the shots. As we were used to working together as a team we soon managed to bring all the elements together to ensure we did not miss the perfect lighting. Sometimes you just go with your instinct and respond to the conditions. Teamwork meant everything was in place as the sun came into shot, giving a lovely natural feel which fitted well with the Cotton USA brand and the bloggers’ style.



The images subsequently featured in the blog articles and widened the reach of the campaign. If you are into colour, as we are, check out Will Taylor’s Bright Bazaar blog at  He has an enthusiasm which often brightens the dullest days.