Neville Johnson

Client Name
Neville Johnson
Marketing Sector
Website, Press, PR & brochure
Key Aim
To photograph a new sofa and chair collection to launch a new area of business intended to broaden the core business appeal within the home interest market sector

We were approached to do some furniture photography for Neville Johnson.

We photographed a new collection of furniture. The photography helped broaden the companies appeal in the home interest market sector. This helped Neville Johnson support their core business. It was essential that our furniture photography stood out.

The assignment involved an extensive production phase, sourcing and suggesting suitable locations fit in with the brief and budget requirements.

We found a location to produce the requirements of the job for the product launch.

The logistics and schedule were developed and an editorial approach agreed to appeal to the home interest magazines. Utilising natural daylight, the location enhanced the products and met the production logistical requirements and deadlines.

The curated sofa collection was launched to the magazines in London to great acclaim. Achieving the aim of broadening the client’s appeal in the home interest market sector.

This was a great example of how location and furniture photography came together to create stunning visual photos.

It isn’t about selling a chair, sofa, bath or bed. It’s about selling a lifestyle, setting a scene and inviting people in. Only great furniture photography can tell that story and we can help you do it.