capturing the essence with commercial photography

Imagery should tell a story

While consumers want to see what they’re getting, the decision to buy is often driven by emotion as much as it is by logic. With this being the case, simply providing pictures and product specifications isn’t enough. A commercial photographer has the skill and the experience to make sure your customers and clients don’t just know what your product or service does, but how it will make them feel, how it will solve their problems and how it will fit into their lives. To influence buying decisions, photography needs to speak tot he heart as much as it does the head.


Your products in use

A product photograph of an industrial tool might well look the part, Showing the same tool in the hands of an immaculately dressed person in a suit and tie conveys the image of a salesman trying to sell a tool, but a picture of the tool in use by an appropriately dressed (and slightly ‘windswept’) workman on a site can add a level of drama and credibility to the tool. After all, industrial tools don’t look pristine for long, nor do the people who use them, so the image of the drill in use should reflect this.

A picture of the bedding you’re trying to sell should show more than the product in its packaging, it should be shown on a neatly made up bed, in an attractive bedroom, with bedroom type accessories and maybe a smiling model in the shot as a proxy for the consumer, to show them how happy they’d be if they had that bedding in their own bedroom. As commercial photographers, we understand the value of believable imagery and how to capture it. We can manage the whole process from concept to completion and even build a suitable set in our studio if needs be.


Your staff in action

While your products and services might take centre stage in your brochures and on your website, it’s almost expected these days to provide your customers and clients with imagery showing what goes on behind the scenes at your workplace and of the people who work there.

While going about the process of product photography can be done out of the way, or at a studio, it takes a lot of skill and experience to capture the day to day goings on without causing unnecessary disruption to your staff and to make their everyday activities to look exciting and engaging. At your office, lighting and space aren’t necessarily going to be ideal and everyone still has to get on with the work they have to do, so commercial photographers will need to work within these constraints, yet still capture the essence of what your team do in an interesting way.


Influence buying decisions

Influencing buying decisions means speaking to the hearts of your potential customers and clients. Facts, figures and ‘informative’ images are certainly part of the buying process (after all your product or service will have to satisfy their need), but despite our capacity for cognition and for  logic, human beings still base much of their decisions on emotion, so it’s important that your commercial photographer has the skill to leverage this through use of evocative imagery.


To speak to us about how we can help you speak to the very souls of your clients by capturing and visually distilling the essence of what you do, get in touch, we’d be delighted to hear from you.