Marketing Sector
Bedding and Textiles

For the past few years we have regularly photographed the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter bedding ranges for Christy. The client requires numerous shots for packaging, brochure, web, social and PR use.


Our unrivalled experience in bedding and textile photography means we can advise on the best approach for every project and are happy to travel to any location or use our large photographic studio in south Manchester.



Location photography is a wise choice when there are pressing deadlines as, with careful pre-production planning, the turnaround from concept to finished images can be a just few days. When undertaking interior photography, consideration needs to be given to the natural light, time of day and even length of day in winter. To ensure a successful location shoot we always take our own lighting to supplement when required. It is usually is important to keep the natural daylight feel in images, meaning additional lighting needs to be used skillfully.


With a considered choice of location, as well as working with a stylist experienced in editorial features, we captured a variety of images that work to tell a story and evoke a feel in keeping with the brand aims. This editorial style is valued by the PR firm representing the company as it one that magazines desire, enabling greater brand exposure.