Neville Johnson

Client Name
Neville Johnson
Marketing Sector
Bespoke Furniture Design
Brochure, Press, Website & PR
Key Aim
Construct and photograph a room set environment for a new furniture range.

Over the years we have built strong working relationships with our clients, we take the time to understand their business, marketing cycles and brand strategies. Usually, they will inform us at an early stage when they have some new products or design concepts which require photography.

We are involved in the process all the way through from set concept through to final room set photography. Our experience in set construction and art direction means that when we start the set build in our photographic studio many of the problems have been thought through. Being able to visualise the result is sometimes difficult but as you can see from this example we can bring the drawings to life to create stunning room settings.

Because we always have the shooting angles in mind, we can build only what is required, passing on a cost saving to our client. Economies of scale can also come into practice as we can reuse materials on the next set, keeping things as eco-friendly as we can and keeping waste to a minimum.



This example was a large set build and was styled with some very exclusive one-off props to create a look that could not be found anywhere else, differentiating the brand. Room set photography brings its challenges but our 4000sqft photographic studio can accommodate them easily, we often have multiple sets up at any one time.

The pictures we produce are used time and time again in advertising and marketing materials. They feature on websites, as livery on vans, as content for social marketing, in the press, home interest magazines, for direct mail and in brochures. Overall quality room set photography is a very good investment and will pay for itself time and time again.