Client Name
Renold PLC
Marketing Sector
Industrial Chain Manufacturer
Marketing & PR photogrpahy
Key Aim
The company’s products had been installed to the Dartford flood prevention barrier

Often our clients receive pictures taken in less than ideal circumstances to show a product which they wish to promote. With the advent of smartphones and increase in people taking pictures everyone feels that they can take a picture, and sometimes they can! With our industrial photography and approach, we maximise each location creating images which showcase the product on websites and in the press.

Professional photographers bring years of specialist experience with them, it is not just a set of tools, it is how you use them. Marketing managers would be taking a big risk with their brand image to populate their website and marketing material with sub-standard images.

We have developed working relationships with many local companies in and around the Northwest and yet we regularly travel all over the UK on numerous industrial photography assignments.

We have worked with Renold PLC. for several years on various jobs however this example typifies the difference which a professional industrial photographer can make.

In 2005 the company’s Smartlink product was fitted to the Dartford Creek Barrier, a flood prevention device on the Thames.

The client had taken a picture which did not do the product justice, which is when they approached us.

Often there are many restrictions and safety procedures which need to be followed which we take in our stride.

The resultant images featured on trade magazine covers and at exhibitions for the company, offering excellent PR opportunities. These days the importance of effective content creation for PR and social media means capturing professional industrial photography is a worthwhile investment and should not be overlooked.