Wade Furniture

Client Name
Wade furniture / Neville Johnson
Marketing Sector
Furniture Manufacturer
Website, brochure
Key Aim
Capture the people behind the product

Often product photography is only part of the story, our client wanted us to use our skills in people photography to tell the story of the craftsmen behind the product, in this case, their sofa range.

Using the finest quality materials and production techniques raises the brand above the competition and reassures the customer they are spending their money well by investing in quality.

Our brief was to go on location to the factory and capture some of the people who make the product from beginning to end.

With this type of assignment, you must act quickly to put people at their ease, find the shot and light it quickly, without holding up production.

I feel sure that when prospective customers see the sheer effort and care which goes into producing this quality of furniture they will appreciate people photography at it’s finest.