You could be forgiven for thinking that this is a scene from JRR Tolkien’s fantasy, The Lord of the Rings. The Orc’s are preparing for battle, fires burn in the heart of Mordor. Ikon’s John Cooper recently tackled this tricky industrial photography assignment to photograph one of the Midlands few remaining Blast Furnaces.

The pipe manufacturing business is one of Britain’s success stories exporting as far China and South Africa. The brief in this situation was to highlight the industrial process for web marketing and promotion. The environment was a tough one to work in, something an experienced industrial photographer can take in their stride.

industrial photography
industrial photography

Firstly, you need the experience to see the possibilities in your minds eye and then you must be able ( or sometimes willing ) to go the extra mile to find the angle and put yourself in a position to get the shot.

You often have to work quickly and efficiently as the situation you find yourself in is restrictive, certainly the case here. As John was working he could feel the heat coming through the soles of his boots and just as he finished he could feel the soles becoming sticky.

Ikon Industrial Photography are well used to this type of photographic commission, our experience is not just in taking pictures but knowing the correct approach.

Please have a look at our new industrial website to see some of the other situations we have encountered, hopefully keeping our footwear intact.