Before looking at brand experience spend some valuable time doing a brand audit. If we don’t know where we are coming from, we cannot effectively plan for the exciting future ahead.

Take a good look at your business – how does your brand look now?

· Assess your digital readiness and your desire for innovation
· Know your customers and how they perceive your brand.
· Look at where you are and take stock of social and content marketing assets and capabilities.

Think about where you wish to be within your marketplace. Discuss how you feel about a digital campaign, what you want to say about your company and gain management approval for the strategy.

Do you know your customer?

Having a clear understanding of what you are trying to achieve is very important. For example, your view of your brand could be very different to your customers’ view. How they perceive your brand is the more critical but sometimes business owners and managers fail to appreciate this. The customers’ opinion is paramount and may be very different to your own.

You can pay out thousands of pounds for market research – alternatively you can follow a carefully planned and implemented campaign to raise your brand awareness.

How to easily raise your brand awareness and build your customer base.

Customers wish to be associated with a brand. They “Like” your brand page on Facebook, they “Follow” your brand on Twitter, they “Connect” with your brand and follow you on LinkedIn.

If your customers “follow”, “like” and “connect” with your brand, the message is quickly disseminated to other potential clients via the social media. It is now an interactive experience where customers build a relationship with your brand.

In part 2 see how to effectively engage with your audience in order to increase the impact of your brand experience.