How Commercial Photographers Can Support Marketing Managers

The Importance of Marketing Managers and CMO’s

As commercial photographers, we regularly work with the teams of Marketing professionals belonging to the businesses and brands which engage our services. We understand that their role, whether they be Marketing Managers or even Enterprise CMO’s, that their role is as vast as it is often understood.

As a relatively new field of work, we know that those outside the profession consider marketing, advertising and sales as being more or less interchangeable, which does a disservice to the often complicated, involved and data driven research which is at the core of modern marketing.  It’s this marketing which leads to the advertising consumers see and done right drives the sales the business will see in the months to come. Advertising and Sales therefore are the result of a marketers hard work.


How Ikon Photography can share the workload of Marketing Managers

Because of the incredibly broad remit of Marketing Managers and the often tight budget they find themselves working within, we know how much of a benefit it is to work with someone who not only understands their role and shares their goals, but has the experience and enthusiasm to bring more to the table than merely filling a brief.

We understand that the process of marketing is primarily solving problems and coming up with solutions. What does your audience want? How can you help them get it? What’s the best way for your audience to see that yours is the best solution? These are the kind of questions we can help marketing managers answer, through our insight, through our experience and through our engaging photography and video.

At Ikon Photography, we know what works and have the experience to back up that knowledge. Humans are visually driven creatures and attracting their attention is the first stage in starting them on the path to a sale, so the photography created as part of your marketing campaign has to be perfect.

Our 20 years in commercial photography have given us a wealth of experience in not only producing the kind of photography which is created by design to show your business, your products, or your service in the best light to your audience. But also in working with the marketing teams from innumerable businesses, giving us a deep understanding of their processes and practices. Additionally, because we know all the creative and effective ways brand photography can be used, we can help you get more out of the commercial photography you commission by sharing these insights with you.

Because we’re so accustomed to working with marketing professionals, we can use this experience to efficiently adapt to your requirements, to anticipate your needs and to positively contribute to your objectives. Our clients find us easy to work with, quietly assured and valuable partners in relieving the pressure of the marketing role.

Expertly meeting your brief is only a part of what we do.


Find out What Ikon Photography can do for you

To find out why our clients come back to us time and time again, contact us to discover the difference experienced commercial photographers can make to the workload of marketing managers and how we can actively contribute to the return on investment you get from your marketing budget.