Stories are told in words, but they say a picture speaks a thousand of them. Here at Ikon Photography, we’re specialists in creating evocative imagery and video starring your brand, which speaks straight to the soul of your customers and helps you to tell your own story in a way that stirs and inspires.

“At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

Creating a Narrative For Your Brand Marketing Content

The Art Of The Story and strength of the brand

Picture any Hollywood Blockbuster of note. Chances are, that in the space 90 minutes or so, the movie will have taken the audience on an emotional journey. This will have begun with introducing the audience to the world within the movie, the main characters within that world and making them feel a part of it. Skilfully done, this introduction will have been woven in such a manner as to make the audience care about the fate of the newly introduced protagonists. Once the scene is set, there will typically be an element of disruption, threat or discord which the hero then will be compelled to face in some way. The remainder of the movie will focus on the journey of the hero as they overcome obstacles on their path which, despite a struggle, will lead to their ultimate success and an outcome which, tellingly, is referred to as a ‘happy ending’.

The important thing in storytelling is immersion and emotion, if the audience doesn’t believe it and don’t feel part of it, they won’t care, if they don’t care then they might not want to stay to see how it turns out in the end. The modern marketing manager knows that a string of perfectly poignant bullet points will only take you so far. But paint a vivid tale where the client is the main character, show you understand them by acknowledging their problems, then write yourself into their saga in a supporting role and you’ll be well on your way to becoming part of their story.

Setting The Scene

Brands need to set themselves apart from their competitors quickly and a good place to start is from a point where the client takes on the hero, or potential hero role in the world they inhabit. Your brand can then assume a supporting role, whether that be ‘wise mentor’ or even ‘sidekick’, without whom, nothing would change. Luke Skywalker would still remain, pining for adventure on Tatooine without the guidance of Obi Wan. The story is important, but it’s the way you deliver that story which can really help you access the emotions of your audience and make your brand memorable. Cast your mind back to Star Wars. Picture Luke Skywalker, standing with his back to the camera, staring out over the dunes outside his home at dusk. The twin suns of his home planet looming low in a multi-hued sky. This scene is a perfect metaphor for his longing and a perfect example of how a masterful use of imagery can enhance the telling of a story.

The Struggle

Painting a picture of the struggle which propelled the client to look for a solution in the first place is a helpful stage as it focuses them on why they need help in the first place. The fear and foreboding they may feel when reminded of what they’d have to tackle on their own should be equal to the relief they’ll feel knowing that they’ll have trusted and reliable backup (your brand) to help them through. Take them through that journey, but don’t focus on how great you are for helping, focus instead on how great they’ll be and how good they’ll feel with your help.

The Happy Ending

Conclude the tale with a detailed description of what success will look like, paying particular attention to how the customer will feel after your brand has helped them achieve victory over adversity. Remember, this is about them and their feelings, not you and yours. Your happiness is implied!

Far more than just commercial photographers, Ikon is a film and photography studio like no other. We specialise in giving your brand the Hollywood treatment so that your customers can’t help but want you and your brand as the guest stars in their story. Imagine a team of photographers, videographers, set builders, project managers and producers entirely at your disposal, either on location or within our cavernous studio. We don’t just take a picture, we help capture your very essence. Speak to us, become Legend.