How Commercial Photographers work With PR Professionals

Ikon Photography – Supporting the work of PR Professionals

At Ikon Photography, we’re a commercial photography studio with a difference. We specialise in helping PR Professionals achieve the marketing goals of the businesses and brands they represent, by working with them to creating cost effective commercial photography and video content which is both visually engaging and designed with their branding and target audiences in mind.


Supporting the Role of PR Professionals

A business or brand of any size has to give consideration to how it’s perceived by it’s target audience and the world in general. The Role of a PR Professional is important in that they guide the interaction between the brand and the people who come into contact with it. They shape the image the brand portrays and take an active role in making sure that the business is seen at its best. Public Relations are especially important in modern times, where one minor issue can take on a life of its own on social media and can lead to very real consequences for the brand.

At Ikon, we help support the work of PR Professionals by working within brand guidelines to make sure that the visual content we create for the brands they represent, whether that be photography or video, helps to show those businesses at their best, while staying within brand guidelines in order to keep their message consistent in tone, aiding in raising their profiles, the generation of brand awareness and ultimately, driving conversions.

We have a team of creative professionals on hand who are well accustomed to working with PR Professionals and helping them to create the kind of campaigns that their brand’s audience simply can’t help but engage with.


How Does Commercial Photography Help Public Relations?

Today’s consumers are a savvy bunch. They’re bombarded with choice on a daily basis and are well accustomed to filtering out the truly interesting, engaging content, from the ‘background noise’ of average brand content.

Usually it’s the visual aspect of that content that draws them in, so it’s essential that the photography and video content of a marketing campaign are of sufficient quality to stand out amongst competing messages. Equipment plays a part in this, but so to does experience and creativity.

Whether you represent, a single brand or you’re a PR Agency representing the interests of several, we have a track record of working with PR Professionals from businesses both large and small, including those representing household name brands, to help them achieve their goals and achieve maximum ROI through creative photography and video which enhances both their marketing campaigns and brand awareness.


If you’re a PR Professional wanting to know more about how Ikon Photography can help you enhance the visibility of the brand you represent, contact us to see how commercial photography can help you achieve your goals.