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The perfect backdrop for your commercial photoshoot

There’s so much to consider when embarking upon the exercise of updating your product photography. While perfectly white backgrounds are great for your online store, seeing your products displayed in an appropriate environment gives your customers a better idea of how each item will fit into their lives.

If you have a vision as to the perfect environment in which to display the products from your catalogue, then it’s likely you’ll want that exact scene as the backdrop for your product photography. While it might be possible to find a location which matches your exacting criteria, it could be quite a search and you may never find somewhere that’s perfect.

While you might think that having a set constructed is an expensive luxury, in reality, when all costs and factors are considered, it works out much less costly than you might otherwise have thought.


Create the perfect backdrop for your products

When the environment needs to match your vision, it’s probably quicker and cheaper to build a set rather than find a location. At Ikon, we have a cavernous photography studio at our disposal and we specialise in set building for commercial photography and commercial video production.

A purpose built set for your photoshoot allows every single aspect of the environment to be constructed to suit and to be controlled entirely at your discretion.


Don’t forget the audio track

When filming on location, depending on where it is, you’re at the mercy of ambient noise. It’s “Murphy’s law” that just as you’re ready to start recording on location, a dog will start barking, a helicopter will fly over, someone will start hammering on the floor above or a flock of crows will descend noisily nearby. Many an otherwise perfect shoot has been spoiled by environmental noise.

In a set constructed in a studio, however, the environment is much more controllable, leading to a smoother and faster creative process.


Less worry about logistics

When using a location, all the products you wish to use in the shoot must be transported to the location. While this is also true for shoots taking place in our studio, ease of access is a consideration. All of our own equipment is immediately available on site, as are our post-production facilities, so the processes capturing your imagery and working on producing the finished artwork can take place side by side.

Our photography studio has a large shutter door at ground level meaning that your props and products can be unloaded right onto the studio floor. A location might require more lifting and carrying to get everything into place. If the shoot runs for more than one day, overnight storage is less of a security concern here than at a location.



Get in touch with us to find out more about how set construction could help you create the perfect imagery for your brand photography.