A Bespoke Backdrop – Roomset Photography

At Ikon, expert commercial photography and videography are something in which we’ve have decades experience. We know that your brand’s visual assets are the first things your potential customers see and what they’ll use to form their initial opinion of your brand, your services and your products. You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.

With this being the case, it’s important that every single aspect of the imagery they see is as perfect as it’s possible to be. In a perfect world, it would be easy to find a beautifully arranged, perfectly lit backdrop to give the subject of your pictures a setting which shows them off to your audience. Finding such perfection, however, is likely to be at best time consuming and at worst fruitless. Often the best way to give your photography subjects the perfect setting, is to design and build that setting from scratch.


Set Building for Roomset Photography

At Ikon, we have a cavernous studio at our disposal and can work with a team of set designers and set builders to construct bespoke backdrops in preparation for your photoshoot. We also work with visual stylists to make sure that such sets look natural and visually appealing without distracting the eye from the subject being captured. A perfect roomset, built to design and to purpose with photography and videography in mind from the outset.

Roomset Photography - Building A Perfect Backdrop For Your Photoshoot


A more efficient photoshoot

As well as having your setting exactly how you want it, an additional advantage of having a set constructed in our studio is that all of Ikon’s considerable equipment and facilities are on hand and onsite. Having our image editing suite in the same place as the photoshoot itself means that post-production can begin while the photography or filming is taking place, which allows a faster turnaround and the opportunity for reshoots if necessary.


Tell us your vision, we can help you realise it

If you have an ideal setting in mind, why not tell us what it is? We can plan an entire photography project around you and your requirements from start to finish. Get in touch with Ikon and let us help make your business and your brand stand head and shoulders above your competition.


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