fashion photography

Fashion Photography – when an image only lasts for a season

Fashion is a fickle mistress. This season’s latest trend may well be next season’s forgotten fad. With the world of fashion moving so quickly, those businesses who’re involved in the fashion world need to move quickly or get left behind in an ever changing, ever evolving industry.


Whether you’re setting the trend, or following closely, you need to move fast

If you’re in the fashion business, you’ll know all too well, the dash to get your latest collection to market while it’s still fresh and new. Part of the product release naturally is the associated imagery to promote your new collection and make it stand out in a saturated market. You need to organise the photographers, the locations, the models and make numerous other arrangements besides. With all the stress associated with a product launch, we’re delighted to be able to take some of the pressure off with our start to finish holistic photography service.

At Ikon, we’ve spent many years working for retailers and fashion brands alike, so we know the pressures of a new season, the demands on time and on budget, of releasing a new fashion or lifestyle collection. We also how to make sure that your fashion shoots, whether in our studio or on location, run to plan despite the stresses, strains and pressures placed upon you.

Leave the Fashion & Lifestyle Photography to us

At Ikon, we have over 20 years in the commercial photography industry and you can rely on us, time and time again to capture your collections at their best, time and time again. While we have a dedicated in house team, an expansive studio and a team of set designers at our disposal, we also have access to the best and brightest freelancers, agencies and models in Manchester and beyond. Whatever your fashion photography needs, the team at Ikon can accommodate.

To take advantage of our extensive fashion photography, advertising and marketing experience, why not get in touch and let us demonstrate what we can do to make the release of your next collection as smooth as possible.