art direction and project management

Art Direction & Project Management

Commercial photography by its very nature takes more than just a photographer and a camera. Usually, it’s an involved affair with a whole team of skilled individuals all with a part to play. Any time a team of specialists are brought together to work on a single project, an additional specialist is required to make sure that all the other players are free to do what it is they do best. Without worrying about everyone else, or conflicting ideas about aspects of the production. This role then, belongs to the art director, who’s tasked with bringing together the overall visual style of any given project and working collaboratively with all the people who play a role in the process.

While a client might have an idea, or even a specific vision of how they want their film or photography shoot to go, making this happen, on time and to budget requires a skilled project manager to make sure everything happens when its supposed to. From initial discussions with a client, the art director will have, or will form a distinct vision of what the completed project will look and feel like and map out a plan to make this happen. While ‘The big picture’ is the end result, it’s often a collection of often very small details which can be the difference between achieving this or falling short.

A good art director is one who can get the best out of the people he or she liaises with. Being able to ask the right questions and communicate clearly with a client to either drill down on and fully understand their requirements, or make suggestions based on the brief is an important skill. But no less important than having the management qualities to get the best out of a number of skilled specialists once the project gets underway. Knowing the way is not enough, the art director needs to be able to communicate this vision so that it’s understood by everyone involved.

Negotiating logistics, facility hire, booking freelancers and overseeing all aspects of a film or photography shoot requires hard organisational skills and soft people skills in equal measure. It takes a lot of experience to pull this off, but the results speak for themselves.


Production and Project Management

At Ikon, we have decades of experience with managing all aspects of a photography or filming project from concept to delivery and all stages in between. With in house expertise and good relationships with a small army of skilled freelancers and agencies, we’re well able to look after complete projects, large and small, from start to finish.

If the prospect of organising a film or photography project for your business feels a little overwhelming, let us do the hard work for you. With over 20 years of experience behind us, we’ll make the process smooth and cost effective, delivering the results you want without the stress.


Get in touch to discuss leaving your art direction and project management to the experts, so you can get back to doing what you do best.