post production

Making a great photo perfect

One of the advantages of modern digital photography is the almost unlimited freedom we have to edit images in post production. In pursuit of the perfect picture, advanced software can be used to retouch photographs, remove imperfections or enhance an image in order to draw the eye to a particular part of it. The techniques, the skills and numerous other facets of the post production process can be the difference between your imagery catching the attention of your audience and being scrolled past. There are numerous ways a picture can be enhanced and the end results, as with any form of art, depends on the skill of the artist and the quality of the tools.

As with any raw material, the quality of the initial photograph is of great importance. While any picture can be improved, starting with an expertly captured image means that the digital retoucher can concentrate on making an excellent image really shine, rather than trying to make an average photo ‘acceptable’. At Ikon, we’re experts on both photography and the digital enhancement, so you can be sure that the end product will show your subject in the best possible light.


Post production – More than just retouching

If you need imagery of large or bulky products which are available in a number of different finishes. There’s no need to take a photograph of each individual variation. If, for example, you have a flatpack wardrobe range to sell, it could well be a time-consuming (and therefore expensive) process to have one of each colour option assembled for the photographer and then dismantled afterwards. It might be a better option to have just one photographed and then the colour options edited in afterwards. Alternatively, you may already have some pre-existing assets which need bringing up to date in order to match the aesthetic of your more recent product shoots. Again, this can be achieved in post-production should it be more cost effective to do so rather than re-shooting.

Perhaps the subject of your photo shoot needs to be transported to an impossible setting. An alien planet, inside a volcano or amongst the clouds etc. As skilled as our set designers are, some settings just aren’t possible in a studio, but with the help of a little post-production sparkle, your products can be transported anywhere your imagination can envisage. Combining the best equipment, photographic techniques and the latest retouching software guarantees that there really are no limits on your Ikon photoshoot.


A comprehensive service

At Ikon, we have all the facilities, equipment and specialists to make your commercial photoshoot a seamless, trouble free process. From concept, through to design, project management, image capture and image enhancement in post production, we can manage your entire project for you, doing what we do best, leaving you free to do what you do best.

To discuss your commercial photography requirements, get in touch with us to find out how our holistic, start to finish, commercial photography service can help you attract and inspire your target audience.