Perceived Professionalism In Photography - The Grammar Of Imagery

Enhancing your business’s perceived professionalism

For those of us who work via visual media each and every day, we’re well practised in spotting the differences between good quality photography and amateur imagery. We can identify and describe what makes a particular shot great or what makes it ordinary. What might be surprising to many is that consumers are just as good at picking out professionally created photographs, they just don’t realise they’re doing it and aren’t normally aware why a particular picture catches their eye. They just know that it does.


“That photo just looks more professional”

Consumers have become accustomed to seeing good quality pictures in advertising. They know crisp lines, attractive backgrounds and well edited frames when they see them, to the point where advertising media featuring photography from less experienced photographers or using less than professional equipment will be identified as being ‘lesser’ and may well lead to the consumer subconsciously regarding the advertiser as being less professional as a result.


Would you allow grammatical errors in your copy?

It’s unlikely a business owner would permit his or her marketing material to be released full of spelling and punctuation errors and similarly, when communication via imagery, it’s equally essential that all the visual i’s are dotted and the t’s crossed. To successfully write in a visual language requires an ‘author’ who is fluent.

A picture speaks a thousand words, or so the saying goes. While most people can read and write, being able to write clearly, accurately and without making errors of grammar or punctuation is a skill. Being able to do all this while making the text engaging and accessible even more so. Compare this with picture composition. Making a photograph attractive and engaging, while steering clear of numerous picture composition blunders is the mark of a true commercial photographer. When your competitors are producing visual poetry, you need a compelling visual rhyme of your own.


Make sure your marketing materials contain the best quality imagery you can create, or have created n your behalf. Fail to do so and you may well be communicating an entirely different and potentially undesirable message to your target audience and gifting that audience to your competitors. Enhance the perceived professionalism of your organisation by engaging an experienced commercial photographer to make your marketing material every bit as professionally presented as you’d hope to be perceived. Get in touch with Ikon Photography to find out what we can do to help you and your business communicate with your audience.