room set photography

Build an image, don’t just capture it

As a brand manager, you want to make sure that your products shine whenever your customers see them. You likely have a target market in mind and an image you want to portray in your marketing messages. You’re keenly aware that in order to sell a product, you have to suggest to your audience that it will either directly or indirectly contribute to a lifestyle they aspire to, solve a problem they have, or otherwise contribute to their lives in a specific way. A simple product shot against a white background won’t achieve this goal, so this is where Room set photography becomes an important weapon in your marketing arsenal.


What’s ‘realer’ than real?

When, for example, buying a lamp for the living room, ask yourself which of the following is the most appealing. A picture of the lamp against a pure white background. A picture of an ordinary living room with the lamp in at, or a picture of a grand, tastefully decorated living room, in which the lamp is not only a prominent feature but coordinated with the rest of the decor. It’s likely that the third option was the most appealing, despite it being the same lamp in each. The first was purely factual, the second contextual, but the third image, aspirational. Even if you were just wanting to add a little extra light to a dark corner of your living room, the imagery conveys that you’re buying a little into a lifestyle rather than merely buying a lamp.

By placing the lamp, or any other object, into a scene which conveys a particular image, the object acquires an element of that image by association.

Setting the scene in which to capture images of your products is, therefore, of paramount importance. Finding a setting which conveys this image is probably possible, but nothing guarantees the perfect setting more than building one from scratch to suit your exacting requirements. Consumers are often looking to be inspired, looking for products which are aspirational and looking to have their lives and their homes enhanced by the things they buy. It’s important therefore to depict your products in an environment which suggests that by purchasing that item, they’re buying into a lifestyle or image that matches their aspirations. Room sets should be constructed and styled with this in mind.


Room set photography – How to construct the perfect scene

At Ikon, we have a cavernous photography studio at our disposal along with the services of set builders, product stylists and a whole host of other specialists who’ll collaborate with you in order to make sure that your products are depicted in a setting which is absolutely in line with your wishes and your customer’s expectations. Building a set to show off your products at their best, set the right mood and convey exactly the right image for your commercial photoshoot is surprisingly affordable and as with the photography itself, represents an investment rather than an expense. Speak to us about how our set designers, builders and stylists can set a scene to make room set photography a reality, providing you with imagery which captures the imagination, speaks to your customers and helps you sell your products.