Brand Image is Everything, Don't Settle For Amateur Photography

What does a mediocre photograph do for your brand image?

Whatever your brand and whether you’re selling a product or a service, your marketing material needs to contain imagery in order to illustrate your brand’s story, whatever that might be. A photograph, video or graphic are what catches the eye of the consumer or client and what leads them to discover your business in what is often a crowded marketplace. However, not all imagery is created equal. When you’re in competition for the attention of your target audience and the battleground is your marketing visuals, would you prefer a seasoned veteran to fight for their business by your side, or a conscripted recruit who just about knows how to point and shoot?


A picture isn’t just a picture, it’s the opening remark in your brand’s manifesto

A photograph has to work hard for you in order to command attention and convey your brand’s message. Even before they’ve read a single word from your sales copy, your audience is already forming their opinion of your company and of your brand just on the strength of the imagery they’ve seen. In marketing, as in many other facets of life, you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and this first impression will colour their perception of you from the first moment they lay eyes on it, forming the basis of their perception of your brand image thenceforth.


What does a commercial photographer do differently?

If the battle for a superior brand image is one you need to win, then your plan of attack must include a commercial photographer. As with any campaign veteran, the main benefit to having a commercial photographer fighting or your brand is that of experience. The knowhow brought through years of practice. Working with brands and innately understanding their needs. The knowledge of how to make even the dryest subject matter compelling by clever use of lighting and advanced photography techniques. When your campaign needs to hit its target each and every time, an experienced commercial photographer has the skill and the talent to get the most out of a photoshoot, an amateur photographer might only hit the target once in a while and a misfire could cost you dearly. For your business and for your brand image itself, every target missed is an opportunity missed. A first impression wasted. A chance at icreasing your revenue squandered.


To enlist a crack team of commercial photographers to help you fight for the attention of your audience, you can do no better than to recruit the team at Ikon Photography to your cause. With decades of experience in the most demanding of market environments, we get the right shot time and time again, bringing in revenue and ROI, enhancing brand image and helping businesses win the battle for their audiences attention. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help you and your brand command the attention you deserve.