Photography which fires the imagination

Photography with imagination – Don’t let your brand be bland

At Ikon, we know the importance of having a coordinated marketing campaign which is consistent in its delivery, in synch with the way your brand wishes to be perceived and in line with all other facet of your business. However, no matter how well harmonised your marketing efforts are, this effort comes to nought if it’s ignored by your audience. With this being the case, your brand photography needs to be interesting.

Consistency is hugely important in making your brand’s story seem professional and believable, but if your message isn’t grabbing your audience’s attention for long enough to get it across, you either need to distil your message or make it so engaging, your audience can’t help but be interested in what you have to say. If your imagery doesn’t attract attention, it won’t convey the intended message and that attention might drift elsewhere, potentially, never to return.


Standing apart from the marketing clutter

No matter what your industry, it’s unlikely that you have it all to yourself. Unless your brand offers a product or service which no-one else offers and for which there’s no equivalent, you’re going to have competitors, each of whom would rather your audience was theirs. Have a look at what your competitors are doing. Are they all following similar strategies, in a similar way, using similar visual and either similar or even identical imagery? If this is the case, then you could try to stand out from the crowd by doing what they do but better, or you could try an entirely different route and create imaginative imagery that makes your competition look like background noise to your clear an vibrant message.


There are no boring subjects, just unimaginative imagery

When capturing an image of a product or service, anyone can take a picture and nearly everyone does, but it takes real skill to take dry subject matter and find a way to make it interesting and enticing. At Ikon, we’re well aware that there’s no such thing as a dull subject, just an uninspired photographer. We take great pride in finding the right angles, the right lighting, the right scenery and the right post-production editing to make the everyday seem extraordinary. When everything seems grey, a little colour catches the eye, so that spark of imagination and that uniqueness of approach can be the very thing which makes your brand’s imagery attractive and your competition seem bland by comparison.


Finding the interesting takes experience

No matter what the subject matter, we firmly believe that there’s a way to use photography to make it so interesting that it fires the imagination and invites attention. At Ikon, we have decades of experience in finding just the right way to make the subject of a photograph stand out, which in turn, makes the marketing that image is used with outstanding. If your competitors aren’t embracing the opportunities offered by attractive, enticing imagery, or are outputting bland unimaginative images in their marketing campaigns, get in touch with us to help make you and your brand shine.