Preparing your marketing campaign for the season ahead

Being on time for the forthcoming season

When your brand’s products or services change according to the season, seasonal product launches follow months of meticulous planning in order to get your new range ready for release. If you offer a physical product, there’s the design and manufacturing to consider along with logistics and quality control. Following this, there’ll be distribution to retailers, potentially with demonstration and sales training and a whole list of things to consider before a single customer has made a purchase. With this being the case, brands with seasonal outputs must plan months, seasons or even years in advance of release.


Getting the word out in time for next season’s launch

When your seasonal output is so large that you have to plan for it well in advance, you’ll naturally include your marketing strategy as part of that planning. Unless you’re fortunate to have retailers and customers queueing up for your products even before they’ve been seen, you’ll have to provide buyers with reasons to place their orders, retailers with the materials to promote your products and imagery to create awareness amongst end users so that they make their purchases when your new products go on sale.

Getting samples out to retailers might be one way to go about this, but getting such samples rushed through manufacturing in advance can be a costly exercise, especially if many end up being freebies which don’t lead to an order. A smarter solution is to arrange for a smaller number of samples to be photographed and for the photoshoot to include all the photography for all types of media all at the same time. Static imagery can be captured at the same time as video content is filmed and in the same place leading to a focussed coordinated look across your entire seasonal marketing campaign as well as the cost reduction from combining the capture of all your seasonal imagery into the same shoot.


A combined coordinated marketing campaign is cost-effective

At Ikon, we’re experts in brand marketing campaign coordination, photography and videography. We have decades of experience in creating imagery which attracts the eye and sells our client’s products and services. We have a cavernous studio at our disposal, set builders on hand and all the latest equipment to help you create a single coordinated campaign for your forthcoming seasonal product launches, which through the sheer efficiency of the process saves both time and money.

We know the demands, the trials and tribulations of seasonal product launches and just as many of our other clients have discovered, having a partner who understands marketing schedules and product launch timelines takes away some of the pressure of a multi-faceted product launch, which in itself helps them get back to doing what they’re best at, leaving us to take care of the rest.

Choose Ikon as your brand’s product launch partner and you’ll have decades of marketing and photography knowhow backing up your campaign. Get in touch with us today – Everyone else is merely a photographer.