Shooting in Summer Ready for Autumn & Winter

It’s never too early to plan for Autumn & Winter

For industries which have a seasonal turnaround of product ranges, in particular, the textile and fashion industries, it’s important to create and prepare marketing assets well in advance. During Autumn and Winter, you’re planning your Spring & Summer ranges and vice versa. With such long lead times and the meticulous planning which goes into each season’s releases, it’s important to make sure that most important parts of your campaigns are ready in plenty of time. The more products you have in your range, the more co-ordination and cooperation is necessary in order to make sure that all the images you need have been captured and edited in enough time to allow them to be published and distributed so that interest can be built prior to product launch. With Christmas in particular being so important on the shopping calendar for most businesses, it makes sense to prepare seasonal literature and imagery well in advance. Summer isn’t too early to plan for Winter!


Create Autumn & Winter  in our Studio

Part of the challenge of capturing photographs and video of Autumn & Winter product lines during the summer is that the weather conditions outside aren’t consistent with the season in the which the products are intended to be used. A full length winter coat would, after all, certainly look odd against a background of blue skies, green trees and bright sunshine. With this being the case, the best way to set the scene for such product shoots is to create the scene in a controlled environment.

At Ikon Photography, we have a spacious studio which we can use to create any scene from scratch, so rain or shine, the weather won’t affect the backdrop to your product photoshoot. Our talented team of set builders can work with you and our designers to construct a compelling backdrop to give your products context. Even if that’s just a bespoke roomset with an autumn or winter scene visible through a window to subtly convey the seasonal theme.


Understanding schedules and deadlines

At Ikon, we’re more than photographers. Compelling imagery is at the heart of what we do, but because we understand that perfect pictures and high quality video are just parts of a marketing campaign, we can provide a more holistic service to business and brands. From simple product shots all the way through to broadcast quality film, Ikon is able to provide a full production and project management service to make planning for your seasonal deadlines go smoothly.

To discuss your forthcoming seasonal product release schedule and the visual assets you’ll need to make sure your latest range gets the attention it deserves, get in touch with Ikon and discover for yourself what a difference working with an experienced commercial photographer can make.