Marketing your brand - The Commercial Photoshoot (Part 4 - Post Production)

Post Production – What Happens After A Commercial Photoshoot?

In parts 1 to 3 of ‘The Commercial Photoshoot‘, we’ve discussed what might be expected to take place during a brand photoshoot, from initial contact all the way through to the shoot itself. There is one last stage though, post production – the editing and retouching of the raw imagery taken on the day in order to transform it into the final imagery to be used in Brand marketing materials. Typically this is done by us in house, using state of the art software and powerful computers in order to make the process both quick and efficient.


How Much Work Goes into Editing & Retouching Photographs?

Once the photoshoot has been concluded, the photographs captured will be edited, retouched and styled to achieve the look specified in the original brief. This is distinct from ‘correcting’ the photo’s. Generally speaking, the more experienced the photographer, the less work will be needed in post production to fix problems with a captured image and the ‘photoshop’ work will be more geared towards making excellent pictures look even better rather than making average pictures look acceptable.

Normally there will be far more images than are needed, so, after all the images from the shoot have been safely and securely backed up and before any editing takes place, a process of assessing and selecting will take place to ascertain which are the best images. After a period of whittling down all the photography from the photoshoot, those which will make the final ‘cut’ will receive any enhancement which may then be required to achieve the look described in the original brief.

The amount of work which goes into preparing raw photographs into finished images depends on a number of factors. The quantity of finished photographs required, will, of course, increase the time it takes before production is finalised.  If a scene, or scenes, need to be enhanced with special effects which weren’t possible to achieve via set preparation or lighting, then the type and complexity of the editing will determine how long each picture takes to retouch as will the skill of the retoucher. As mentioned earlier, an experienced photographer will capture better images, so less fixing will be required afterwards, only enhancing.


Let Us Manage Your Brand Photoshoot From Start to Finish

We hope you’ve enjoyed this four part insight into what to expect from a Brand Commercial Photoshoot from Ikon. We’ve spent decades building up an enviable portfolio of work from clients large an small, up and coming names to household names. Whether you’re a business owner who no longer has the time to run your business and deal with the marketing by yourself, or a Marketing Manager, Content Manager or Brand PR looking for expert help to take your Brand to the next level, Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your business, your brand and your products stand out from the crowd and get noticed by your audience through the power of captivating visuals which will enhance your brand marketing campaigns and contribute to your business’s future success.