New year, New budget, New photography - Are you ready for 2019?

Making the most of your new photography budget in 2019

After the months of planning and the the busy lead up to Christmas, January often comes as a welcome relief from the hectic schedule of the Christmas marketing campaign that’s now behind you. Enjoy your well earned rest, congratulate yourself for a successful campaign well executed, but don’t rest on your laurels for too long.

The marketing campaigns for Spring and for Summer now need your attention, you might even need to start thinking further ahead towards next Christmas.

Thankfully the New Year brings with it a new budget for you to invest in new photography in order to keep your marketing material fresh for the new season. After the briefest of respites, it’s time to start planning your marketing for the rest of 2019 and arranging for the commercial photography which will help drive it.


Before committing to new photography, look at last year’s budget

Towards the end of the year especially, the constraints of what’s left from the budget you started the year with can begin to bite. As much as we’d all like a limitless budget and could always do better ‘if only we had a little more’, marketers must work within their means, which means to do better, you must make what you do have work better for you.

Take a look at how your marketing efforts performed for you during 2018. What did well? What could have gone better? What should have gone better? Crucially; why?

Chances are that campaigns featuring good quality commercial photography and professionally produced video content outshone the rest of your marketing and if your campaign featured neither of these, chances are that you lost ground against your competitors. Looking back gives you a better idea of what’s the best course of action going forward and how best to get the best ROI from the marketing budget you have this year.


Invest your new budget in new photography and new video

Commercial photography and broadcast quality video production might seem expensive to begin with, but they deliver far more return on that investment than any other means of marketing. Chances are that your competitors already know this and are planning their own campaigns using their own new budget, so it’s important that your new budget is spent wisely in order to stay ahead if that’s where you are, or to get ahead if that’s where you want to be.

Don’t just spend on new photography this year, invest in Commercial photography; imagery that’s captured for the specific purpose of enticing your target audience and increasing conversions, rather than just looking ‘nice’ on your campaigns. Commercial photography attracts attention and generates conversions, it’s created for just that purpose, to be a sales team that never sleeps.

If you’ve yet to invest your marketing budget in commercial video production, then make 2019 the year you take the plunge, your ROI will thank you for it. More than any other medium, video content is the peak performer. While it costs more to create, £Pound for £Pound, it outperforms anything else you might consider spending your new budget on and it enhances any of your other brand marketing mediums in which it features. (Websites, social media and email campaigns featuring video content convert far better than those without).


How to get the best from your new photography budget in 2019

At Ikon Photography, we have decades of experience in creating outstanding commercial photography and broadcast quality video that performs and returns measurable ROI for our clients time and time again. To find out how we can help you get the most out of your new photography budget for 2019 and work with your brand to enhance you marketing campaign with superior commercial photography, either on location or in our cavernous photography studio, contact us and get your 2019 marketing campaign off to a flying start.