Keeping your Photography Content Fresh and Updated to Remain Relevant

Updating your photography content regularly

No marketing material remains fresh forever and sooner or later, even the most evergreen content for the most consistent brands will require updating. Commercial photography is designed to attract and retain your audience, but even the most expertly captured photographs will, in time, need to be refreshed.

Times change, tastes change and consumers will eventually become so accustomed to even the best marketing material that they’ll stop paying attention. When this happens, it’s time to update your photography content and show your audience something new in order to keep them interested.


How do I know my photography content is getting dated?

If you’ve invested in marketing material of any sort, chances are that you’re keeping a close eye on a number of metrics to make sure that you’re getting value from your marketing budget. Like any type of marketing material, commercial photography is an investment in that it should, by design, attract the attention of your audience and increase conversions. If such conversions start to decline, it may be that your marketing material, as well as the photography content it includes is in need of refreshing in order to keep your audience interested in your brand.


Refreshing your photography content to renew you marketing material

It may be that you brand’s product or service doesn’t change much, if at all, but this doesn’t mean that the photography content you use to promote it should remain unchanged. Many of us will remember the original ‘Captain Birdseye’, the iconic image of ‘Fish Fingers’ from the brand of the same name. The Captain was removed from marketing material for a time, but by reintroducing him, i the right way and with the right image, the newly imagined ‘Captain Birdseye’ is widely regarded as rescuing a brand which had begun to decline and has captured the interest of the target audience far beyond what anyone expected. Such is the power of refreshed photography content and video in brand marketing, despite the actual product remaining largely unchanged.


Invest in Commercial Photography for the best ROI

While photography content won’t remain fresh forever, better photography will give you more return on your investment and perform for longer than cheaper options which may not deliver at all. At Ikon Photography, we’re well accustomed to working with brand marketing teams to create fresh photography that works in perfect harmony with existing marketing material and brand guidelines, while still provide new photography content tailored to catch the attention of their audience.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you refresh your marketing material by refreshing your photography content and take your brand forward by keeping you audience interested in your brand message.