Why do businesses need commercial photography?

Human beings are visual creatures. Imagery is far easier to interpret than the written word, indeed we were creating cave paintings long before there was such a thing as a written language. In advertising and marketing, a picture will attract the attention of the casual viewer far more effectively than event he snappiest of headlines, so it’s essential that for businesses and brands which seek to market themselves to a particular audience, that they have, first and foremost, the kind of effective, attractive visuals that makes their audience take notice and want to know more.

With photography being so accessible and the internet allowing the smallest of businesses to compete for any particular audience with their larger competitors, how do you make sure your own brand photography is noticed against a background of so much competition? Simply put, quality photography will always stand out from average photography and commercial photography is designed from the outset for the purpose of optimising conversions.


Manchester Commercial Photography and Beyond

Ikon Photography is a Manchester Commercial Photography company with decades of experience in creating engaging photography which helps our clients sell their products and services.

With our own 4,000 square foot studio based in Stockport and easily accessible from the motorway network, we’re able to accommodate large scale commercial photoshoots in house, from basic packshot photography all the way up to bespoke set construction all in house. Having our own vast photography studio helps us keep costs down, savings which we can pass on, helping us deliver cost effective photography solutions to our clients.

While we’re a Manchester commercial photography company, we’re just as accustomed to working on location anywhere in the country or indeed anywhere in the world and have vast experience working with businesses and brands both nationally and internationally.

Ikon Photography A Manchester Commercial Photography Studio

Telling Your Brand’s Story With Commercial Photography

Anyone with a camera can take a picture, but businesses typically need far more than from their photography.

At Ikon Photography, we understand that businesses need to communicate with their audience in the right way, that their photography must be consistent with their branding and that this must in turn drive sales. We pride ourselves on not just taking a great photograph, but in developing an understanding of the businesses we work with to make sure we have a firm grasp of their brand, their target market, their products and their services, which allows us to create commercial photography which fits in and enhances the rest of their marketing efforts.


Commercial Photography Is More than Just Camera Work

When working in Manchester Commercial Photography or further afield, the work of a commercial photography company involves far more than a man with a camera. Depending on the size of the shoot and the brief a photoshoot usually involves a team effort utilising specialists in complimentary fields who work together to achieve the desired results. With art direction, set building, model casting, prop procurement and styling and a whole host of other considerations, a successful photoshoot requires a lot of coordination before a single photograph is taken.

At Ikon Photography, over our decades in the industry, we’ve worked closely with a number of external specialists and have built up good working relationships with them which give us a huge pool of talent to draw from when the need arises. This allows us to coordinate and entirely manage a photoshoot from start to finish, from brief to delivery in an efficient and cost effective manner.


You may have never engaged the services of a Manchester commercial photographer before, or perhaps you need commercial photography which performs better than your existing marketing photography, either way, contact us for a quote and experience the Ikon Photography Difference.