Book your Photoshoot Now For your Spring and Summer Marketing


From Recruit to Brand CMO, marketers everywhere are keenly analysing the performance of their winter marketing campaigns as they come to a close. There’s no rest for the weary though, with January, comes early stages of  and booking the photoshoot and creating the content their businesses will be relying on to generate revenue in their Spring and Summer Marketing Campaigns.

The larger the business, the more involved the marketing. Especially so for brands whose product lines change with the seasons or with consumer demand. When the material for your brand’s spring and summer marketing has to include professional photography featuring numerous new products and all new brand photography, the planning for a commercial photoshoot can be equally involved.

Getting the job done as efficiently as possible and as early as possible is of paramount importance in order to minimise the costs and maximise the time the marketing material will be working to attract its intended audience.


Commercial Photography  – A Winter Photoshoot for Spring and Summer Marketing

Spring and summer marketing material is often full of scenes depicting sunshine, fairweather products and lightweight clothing, but in order for such photography to be captured in time for Spring and Summer, the photography and video content must be captured during the Winter.

Simple product photography against a white background can be done at any time of year, but to truly stand out in a marketplace full of imagery of this nature, brand photography has to eyecatching, which means something beyond what everyone else is doing.

If you need to shoot a summer scene in the winter, you needn’t book your photoshoot in an exotic location, instead, it’s simpler and more cost effective to have the backdrop of your choice constructed in a photography studio rather than make complicated arrangements for location photography somewhere warmer, although we can help there too.

At Ikon Photography, we’re based in our own photography studio, centrally located in Stockport just outside Manchester. As well as having all our photography equipment and a post production suite onsite, we regularly use our large studio space to construct bespoke roomsets for all manner of commercial photoshoots.


Photography for Spring and Summer Marketing Made Easy

As well as having the perfect location for your brand photography and all the equipment on hand, we have decades of experience working with businesses and brands of all descriptions with the photography and video content for their marketing.

This experience has also brought with it an impressive network of professional contacts, from set builders to model agencies, stylists to art directors all of whom we’re accustomed to working with and can bring them in as needed so that your brand photoshoot has exactly what it needs. Once briefed, we can handle all aspects of creating the commercial photography content for your Spring and Summer Marketing.

Contact us to find out more about booking the commercial photography and video for your Spring and Summer marketing.