Why Art Directors Need Commercial Photographers

The Work Of Art Directors

Whether working as part of an advertising agency, or as a member of an in-house team, Art Directors play a pivotal role in the marketing of a brand by creating an overall vision of the way their business and it’s advertising should look. Concerned with all aspects of how a business or brand represents itself visually, it’s no wonder that Art Directors so often find themselves working with commercial photographers.

Art Directors are responsible for the visual style to be portrayed in advertising media of all kinds, from billboards to brochures, magazines to TV commercials, website and social media content, and even product packaging.  Art Directors must come up with the ideas that are most likely to inspire their target audience and then direct the designers, artists and other creatives  to ensure that this vision becomes reality and as close to their concept as is possible. While coming up with the ideas which will take their business marketing forward, Art Directors can often be assisted by having someone to work with and bounce ideas off who understands the importance of visuals, branding and how they can be used help promote a business to a particular target audience.


Ikon Photography and Art Directors

It’s the job of Art Directors to create a visual concept and to make sure this is carried through to a conclusion. At Ikon Photography, we have over 20 years of experience working with Art Directors and assisting them in bringing their concepts to life, we also have art directors of our own to call upon, which makes Ikon a valuable asset to any business looking for more than just good looking professional photography.

This experience also allows us to work alongside in-house or agency Art Directors for brands that have them, or to provide creative art direction as well as commercial photography services to  those businesses who don’t. Having played our part in the concept and delivery of all kinds of advertising and branding campaigns, the knowledge and experience we’ve accumulated over the years is something that can be drawn on to further enhance your concept or vision.

Whether providing art direction or working with brand Art Directors, Ikon can be counted on to provide valuable, constructive support at all stages of a marketing campaign as well as being able to capture the exact visual imagery which best matches the brief and best speaks to your target audience.


Working With Art Directors to Make Their Vision a Reality

At Ikon Photography, we know how challenging the role of Art Director is and how refreshing it is for Art Directors to find someone capable of truly working with them not just for them. As experienced creatives, we at Ikon provide far more than beautiful, effective commercial photography, we can help you build the concepts and draft the briefs that lead to you getting the most out of the photography and video you commission.

Contact us to discuss your ideas and find out how we can help take your brand campaign to the next level.