Why Does Your Brand Marketing Need Commercial Photography?


Human beings are visual creatures and for the time being at least, it is humans who make buying decisions. So it’s essential that your marketing material is designed with the intention of being instantly appealing to those who are most likely to buy from you, or are looking for your business in particular. The words in your advertising are important as that gives your audience more information, but it is the initial impact of the visual aspects in your brand marketing that draws people in to find out more. For this you need a commercial photographer to capture the essence of your brand from the first glance.


Commercial Photography – Setting the Right Tone For Your Brand Marketing

Brand Managers and Marketing professionals understand the importance of consistency within brand marketing. Look at the very largest brands and you’ll see that every aspect of their advertising is in perfect sync, from the colours used, to the tone they portray and the ideals they espouse. For example, if you picture French Fries in your mind’s eye, they could be from anywhere, but picture them in a red and yellow card container and all of a sudden, they could only be from one place, even without the ‘Golden Arches’ of the brand logo being seen. Such is the power of brand and why it’s so important that any brand’s marketing visuals are in line with and supportive of your overarching brand marketing strategy.

If you’re creating an identity for your business, which will become your brand, then it’s best to decide how the visuals you create will best communicate to your audience in a way that tells them from the first impression as much as possible about you. An attractive picture can be taken by just about anyone with a half decent camera, however, it takes a commercial photographer to capture an image in a way that speaks without words, which captures an essence, tells a story and sets a tone. From the angles chosen, the colours used, the lighting of the scene and, of course, the subject itself, it’s possible to make ‘a simple photograph’ become the opening statement of your brand manifesto.


Let Your Brand photography Lead Your Brand Marketing

Your sales team may work during office hours, but your brand marketing campaigns work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in as many places as they are published. Your marketing material is, therefore, the sales team that never sleeps and it’s important to make this tool as powerful as possible. Your marketing material can’t knock on doors, answer the phone or make cold calls, so it has to attract your audience via other means and for the most part it’s the unique branded visuals contained in your brand marketing photography that makes it unique, attractive and recognisable.

At Ikon Photography, we understand the needs of business to create a unique brand stories that allow them to speak to their audiences in a way that is in complete synergy with everything their brand ‘is’ and create unmistakable commercial photography for brand marketing campaigns which attracts, informs and ultimately sells.

We’ve worked with innumerable clients, from small businesses to large household name brands, each and every time capturing the essence of what they do, who they are and what they need from their brand marketing. check out our portfolio showing a selection of past projects to see what we can do and what we might achieve for you and your business

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