Briefing a Commercial Photographer for your Autumn Catalogue

Your business has outgrown your existing marketing methods

If you’ve never engaged a commercial photographer before, it’s natural to be a little apprehensive as to how to proceed. Your business might have outgrown your existing marketing methods, your range might have got so big that you need to plan further in advance than you’ve ever done before and you find yourself in the happy yet daunting position of needing to compete with the sophisticated campaigns of big corporations. Making the step from ad-hoc photography to a co-ordinated marketing campaign might seem a daunting prospect, but in reality, it’s an evolution of your growth as a brand.


Things to consider when briefing a commercial photographer

Help your photographer understand your business and your brand is a good first step. Giving your photographer a bit of background to your business, your brand and to your company ethos will help build a picture of your business and communicate some vital context which will be useful when planning and executing the shoot itself.

If you have a particular type of ‘look’ or ‘feel’ in mind, bring examples. You might find a collection of images cut out from magazines, or printed from various sources online which you’d like to emulate or take inspiration from. A picture speaks a thousand words, so if you have a collection of images, showing what you mean can be easier than saying what you mean.

Be prepared to go into some detail about what you’ll be using the pictures for. A picture isn’t just a picture and a commercial photographer knows what kind of shots, lighting and techniques will work best for any particular outcome. Commercial photography almost always has a purpose and is created in order to achieve a stated goal. Be as detailed as you like when telling us what you’d like to achieve.

Be specific about deadlines. If you’re planning a catalogue or marketing campaign which needs to be ready to run on a particular date, it’s important to make that clear from the outset. A stated timescale can dictate what work needs to be done and by when and will allow the commercial photographer to schedule work for you around other commitments in order to make things move as efficiently as possible.


A holistic service to make your autumn catalogue a reality

At Ikon, we don’t just take photographs and capture video, we can arrange every aspect of your marketing campaigns to make your first catalogue shoot proceed smoothly. We’re photography and videography experts with decades of experience assisting small businesses and household brands alike spread their message through the power of commercial visuals. If you’re new to the possibilities offered by engaging a company like Ikon, don’t be afraid to ask for our advice as to what can be achieved.

With a close knit team of specialists at our disposal, state of the art equipment and a generously proportioned studio, we can help you and your brand stand toe to toe with the other brands in your sector and compete with them on an equal footing. Get in touch to discover for yourself how we can help you create an Autumn catalogue you’ll be proud to call your own.