Can iPhone photography replace professional photography

Smartphones are getting better and better and the quality of the depth of field on recent iPhones leaves people wondering if professional photography is needed for video and photography.

Photo and video content are more and more important for businesses, social media has added an extra element to marketing that needs to be fast and reactive as well as the usual more proactive traditional marketing campaigns. Combined with the fast increase of technology allowing smartphones to take HD and even 4K quality video as well as artistic photography has left some people wondering if this will overtake the world of professional photography.

iPhone 11 for Photography

The iPhone 11 was released last week to much anticipation, previous iPhones have had a big jump in quality over the camera and photography capabilities. Early adopters have already been experimenting with the iPhone 11 which is more camera than phone. The quality of the zoom means that you no longer have pixellated images when zooming in and the ultra-wide lens feature lends itself very well to social media.

Features such as live bokeh and HDR preview mean this camera phone has capabilities beyond most DSLR cameras. The most impressive feature of the iPhone 11 Pro is the 52mm telephoto lens, f/2.0 effective aperture which allows 40% more light in that combined with the new f/2.4 13mm ultra-wide lens with a 120-degree field of view means photographers can tell a full story with just one piece of equipment.

Storytelling in Photography

Photography is and has always been about storytelling, from documentary photography, portraits, products, you name it the way a photographer takes and the image is creating a story or narrative visually. Normally Professional photographers and commercial photographers will use a full range of kit to do this but the iPhone 11 allows the user enough tools in one smartphone to be able to tell a unique story and produce a high-quality final product.

So does this mean commercial photographers and videographers are trading in the DSLR and Red Cameras for an iPhone?

No, they aren’t.


Commercial and Professional Photography is still needed

One of the biggest misconceptions about photography is that it is all about the kit, in reality, the photographer uses the tools and the kit just helps.

Professional photographers understand lighting and exposure and storytelling much more than your average iPhone user, however, the capabilities of the iPhone mean that marketers and business owners now have options.

Nothing will replace professional photography taken by a professional photographer using top of the range equipment. However, not all briefs require this, having an iPhone or smartphone that has these capabilities means that marketers can be more reactive for their social content, they don’t need a photographer 24/7 they can even post videos. However for hero content, for content as part of a campaign and product photography, you will need the experience and expertise of a commercial photographer or you will devalue your brand as there is still a distinction in quality.

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