Neville Johnson

Client Name
Neville Johnson
Marketing Sector
Bespoke furniture company
Brochure, Press & Website
Key Aim
Photography of client installation

Location photography often involves Interior photography when we go into client houses and this one had immediate appeal.

The range of furniture which Neville Johnson makes often presents some striking combinations. As soon as we walked into this location I could see our clients eyes light up, she was art directing the shoot. First impressions are often crucial in determining how an image will perform for a client in the press.

This location was something different and the designer, Simon, had done a lovely job incorporating the clients’ needs and requirements into the design.

All creative projects are a collaboration, between a client and designer, the art director and photographer.

The customer was over the moon with her furniture and had a unique style of her own. It is always a challenge to explain to someone whose home you are coming into, why you must change their possessions for different props. Shooting for a commercial style is often different from personal taste as the “look of the shot” needs to be in keeping with current editorial styles and PR trends.

The client had discerning tastes and a vision for the “look” she was trying to create; Simon had worked with her to bring it to life.



At present, there is a movement towards computer generated images (CGI) creating wild room environments, and while they have their place, nothing resonates with a customer as much as a real-world environment. Natural light, real environments and editorial interior photography provide the most effective pictures for advertising and marketing a product.

We can produce the final images which are fed to all marketing outlets within a few days, a turnaround which is just not realistic with CGI and at a budget which is considerably lower.