SEW Eurodrive

Client Name
SEW Eurodrive
Marketing Sector
PR and promotional materials
Key Aim
Photography of new product installations

SEW Eurodrive are a leading global specialist in drive technologies, from airport logistics to industrial processes. When we do industrial photography, Often the products involve completely unique solutions to their client requirements and we requested to record some of these combinations of products.

The ongoing servicing and maintenance of these specialist products form a crucial part of the business.

­Due to the specialist nature of industrial products, we are often asked to photograph products on location at various customer installations, this was the case for this shoot for SEW Eurodrive.

The ongoing service and maintenance of products are key for many industrial companies as part of their marketing sales and support strategy.

We are also required to photograph specialist product combinations for our clients at the point of completion and before shipping as they are often bespoke installations. So, we need to respond in a short time frame, which is all part of our service. Careful planning and communication mean we can meet the requirement.

Here we have some examples of a shoot in a Coca-Cola bottling plant and a brickworks where SEW products were installed. Upon our return, we were asked to do more industrial photography of a product which was due to be shipped out. By careful choice of lighting and angles we can bring any product to life, often involving people gives the product scale and context.