Tom Howley

Client Name
Tom Howley
Marketing Sector
Bespoke kitchen manufacturer
Press and Magazine features, Advertisements, PR marketing, Social Media & Content creation
Key Aim
To photograph a client home for a magazine feature, marketing and advertising

Tom Howley was taken over by its parent company who are also a client of ours. We were brought in to provide interior photography to help relaunch the company as a national bespoke kitchen brand.
Part of this strategy was to feature “real life” installations in the home interest magazines, broadening the brand appeal and connecting with a new consumer base.

At Ikon we are regularly photographing products for a number of brands to feature in the Sunday supplements and magazines, this means we take an editorial approach providing the requirements suited to this sector.

The style we set in our approach and style of photography differentiated Tom Howley from the competition and positioned the brand as a premium offering in the sector.



This Cheshire location was a stunning example of how professional kitchen design can help enhance the home environment. We shot over a day and produced a wide variety of shots enabling editors to have creative control over layout and features they may wish to showcase.

Over the past few years we have photographed many homes for use in the editorial press, home interest magazines and for advertising, PR, website and social media marketing.

Our interiors photography has contributed enormously to enabling the Tom Howley brand grow, they now have showrooms all over the country and are predicting continued growth.