Spring is here and summer is on its way, holidays are on the horizon. So here is our holiday camera recommendation for the summer.

When we are not in the studio shooting room set photography in the dark, it’s nice to get outside with the lighter evenings.

Often as professionals, our clients ask us to recommend a camera that would take good pictures (and increasingly, video) for their holidays etc.
My recommendation would be the Canon G12, I have friends with this and previous incarnations and all are very pleased with it.

You might be tempted to go to the more “professional looking” 35mm style cameras with interchangeable lenses etc. My advice would be to go with this camera as it is high quality, portable (no kit bag to lug around with extra lenses etc) and the chances of getting dust on the sensor is next to nil as the lens is built in.

Check out Canons website and then look on Amazon to discover an even better price.

If you want any more advice call us at Ikon Photography on 0161 480 3456

Happy snapping