Why Use Video For Your Brand

There are facts and figures from a variety of sources proving without a doubt that a video marketing strategy is absolutely essential for a brand trying to boost its exposure. Over 80% of Twitter users use the platform to watch video content, while 45% of users spend more than an hour watching videos on Youtube or Facebook every week. In fact, half a billion hours of video are watched on YouTube every single day.


Increase your reach with Video

In decades gone by, video advertising meant an advertisement on TV or in a movie theatre. You created your ad, paid for it to be broadcast and hoped that the people who might be interested in buying were watching at the time it was shown.

Despite the huge costs and inefficiency of this scattergun approach to marketing, video content still provided and continues to provide enough return on investment to justify the high price of production and transmission. It all comes down to the fact that viewers remember 95% of a message they consume via video, as opposed to retaining only 10% of a message when read as text alone.

Decades of TV advertising has produced some truly memorable advertising campaigns, some of which are looked back on with fondness many years later. The secret? Video content is easy to consume, it combines visual and audio content which can be used to attract the attention and stir the emotions of the consumer. Additionally, bringing products and services into peoples houses making it memorable, building a brands familiarity and loyalty.

Fast forward to today, video is everywhere and is consumed voraciously. No longer do people consume their video content sat as a family around a single television with a small choice of channels in their living room, slaves to the published schedule. Instead, there are innumerable TV channels, most houses have multiple television sets and other devices, many of which are capable of displaying content at the whim of the watcher. Added to this, most people carry devices round in their pockets which are more than capable of displaying video content from a variety of sources.


Anyone can make a video, but not every video commands attention

Video content has become so accessible that practically anyone can record, edit and publish whatever they like. There’s so much content to consume and so much choice, that consumers have become adept at skimming past the videos that don’t catch their attention and that attention span is shorter than ever before.

The challenge for video advertisers today, therefore, is to find a way to stand out from an ever-growing crowd and capture a viewer’s attention long enough to make an impression. This means that brands need to offer something special in order for their content to be noticed and hook the user in within seconds or lose them entirely. This is where professionally created content really shines. Cheaply made videos and images are inherently ignorable and therefore a false economy. Even a low price is money wasted if no-one sees your content.


Getting the most from your video shoots

With a plethora of low standard content spread across a variety of platforms, a professionally created video becomes far more noticeable against this background noise. At IKON, we offer studio production, set building and up to the minute technology to make sure that the videos we produce are up to television standards but without the television price tag.

If we’re building a set and producing video content for you, it makes sense to use that constructed set for your product photography as well. Obtaining all of your campaign imagery and videography at the same time allows you to extract the most value from your shoot and to present a consistent appearance across the entirety of your marketing efforts.


Telling your Brand’s story

With high quality video production no longer being just the domain of the very largest companies, it can be a little overwhelming knowing where to start. Of course, you want content in the traditional advertising style, however, targetting particular styles of video on specific platforms to support your main content is something you should consider. Behind the scenes footage of your main ad’ being created will attract interest, as will ‘day in the life’ videos and imagery showing the real people in your company going about there day to day tasks. Short ‘explainer’ videos answering a question, solving a problem or providing education can go a long way to establishing your brand as an expert in your field and the combination of all of these content styles can help people build up a picture of who you are and what you stand for.


Interacting with your audience

Traditional TV advertising is a broadcast, modern video is a conversation. Users don’t just absorb your content, they interact with it. Making your videos interesting enough to make them watchable is the first step, but making content that consumers want to interact with, comment on and share is the ultimate goal. While people may or may not trust your brand, they definitely do trust their friends. Positive comments and content from people they trust can increase a brand’s trust and awareness by association. Various social media platforms are perfect for interaction and sharing. Considering the platforms on which your content will be displayed and making sure your videos are posted with consideration to the strengths and weaknesses of each will provide the optimum experience for the users and the maximum exposure for your brand.


Leave it to the experts

With a wealth of experience, the very best equipment and studio facilities, Ikon Photography is a perfect choice for taking care of every aspect of your brand’s video and visual marketing requirements from concept, through to creation and distribution.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can give your brand maximum exposure and get an edge on the competition in 2018